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We have a proven track record of serving the commercial electrical needs of businesses throughout the DFW and the surrounding areas.

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Our Residential Services

Streamline Electric provides professional service for all your home electrical needs to customers in the DFW and surrounding areas. Whether you are doing new construction, an addition to your home, adding landscape lighting or are in need of general troubleshooting or repairs, we’re here to help.

 You don’t have to wait to get your electrical issues resolved. Streamline Electric offers flexible appointment times to suit your schedule. Our experienced electricians can quickly diagnose your electrical troubles and provide expert repair services 24 hours a day.


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Troubleshooting and Repairs

All had those inconvenient moments when lights won’t work, a switch or outlet is dead, a fixture needs replacement, or your power keeps going out for no obvious reason. If you are having any type of electrical problem, you should have it checked and repaired. Many electrical problems are found to be caused by problems that can also pose a fire hazard. Rather than suffer ongoing inconveniences or worrying over what is wrong, Streamline Electric can test your home using our technologically advanced equipment and our trained electricians will give you fair estimates before ever starting your projects.

Home Remodels

Streamline Electric understands that the knowledge in knowing how a home was originally built requires a certain type of design integration experience to perform any type of remodeling of electrical systems in older homes. Quality remodeling of electrical systems either old or recent is key to ensuring your home has the foundation to be safe and cost-efficient year-round.

Landscape and Tree Lighting

Your home should look as beautiful at night as it does during the daytime. With the addition of electrical power and landscape lighting to your home Streamline Electric can make an immediate improvement to the comfort, look, and safety of your property. Homes accented with the correct placement of landscape lighting will also provide an extra sense of security, as well lit areas deter criminal activity and intruders.

Service Panel Upgrades and Repairs

Upgrades are necessary sometimes to help the electrical systems in older homes meet today’s electricity demands. Electrical service panel upgrades may also be required for Texas homes that have recently undergone remodeling or an extension (such as a room addition or basement finishing project), as the current electrical panel may not be equipped to handle the added electrical demands brought on by lighting, extra outlets, high-tech kitchen appliances, and more. Streamline Electric can help identify and correct the problem areas to meet the demands of today’s electricity demands in older homes.

Panel Change Out and Upgrades

Replacing or upgrading existing electrical panels when the panel(s) that you have installed no longer meet the demands for your power needs often becomes necessary to upgrade or replace your electrical panel(s). Whether the problem is not enough power or the panel simply doesn’t work properly, Streamline Electric can provide quality electrical panel installations in your place of business while determining the proper load for your electrical system.

We ensure all commercial electrical panel installations and replacements are completed according to local, state, and national codes and guidelines. Electrical panel installation and replacement can include the panel, surge protection, main grounding system, GFCI protection, and arc fault protection.

Home Inspection Repairs

If a homeowner adds appliances without upgrading the electric service, hazardous conditions may exist. Some existing homes and buildings do not have enough circuits to support the demands of modern electrical usage. Buildings with insufficient electric service need not be very old. Even a home built only 10 years ago may not have the electric wiring to support the today’s needs. Streamline Electric electricians can assess the whole electric system in the house or buildings not only to avoid potential dangers to your home but to also help save on overall energy costs and efficiency.

Pole Light and Sign Repairs

You don’t have to wait to get your electrical issues resolved. Streamline Electric offers flexible appointment times to suit your schedule. Our experienced electricians can quickly diagnose your electrical troubles and provide expert repair services 24 hours a day.

Troubleshooting and Repairs

Keeping your office and its operations performing at their best requires your electrical systems infrastructure to deliver reliably and efficiently. The costs of downtime are great, in terms of both lost productivity and equipment replacement, as are the costs of operating inefficient or unsafe systems. Streamline Electric offers complete electrical troubleshooting, Infrared Scanning and repair services to keep your business running.

Energy Saving Upgrades

As the times change so does commercial energy related hardware, systems, laws, safety codes, tax benefits, etc. Streamline Electric can help evaluate and identify your current or future electrical system needs and recommend cost saving upgrades, preventive maintenance strategies, and green solutions that meet today’s standards of doing business. Saving you money and improving the overall value of your facility.

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